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Chapter Three Argo's Move

Chapter Three

Each class the same, I would sit and listen, they would sit and think of boy things, for four months we would go day in day out they would sit with me a lunch, Theodore would come over I would leave, I would listen to their thoughts in the study halls, in the class rooms, I would even sometimes sneak out at night just to catch a glimpse of their dreams. Then Christmas came, and things changed.

“Hey, Kat” Marcus said catching up with me “what are you doing for Christmas break?”

“Nothing” I was on my way to the lunch room and grabbed his thoughts before he even saw me, he was thinking about inviting a couple of us over to his house for Christmas.

“Well, I was wondering there are only a few of us staying for the holiday, Chris and I because we live here, but you and a couple others will be stuck in the dorms, so I was wondering if you would like to come over for Christmas dinner?”

“I will have to think about it.” I know it is supposed to be sunny that day and I don’t know if I can risk it. But I can feel the disappointment so I add “I will probably come but it depends on the weather, you know snow and all. Don’t you think it is weird you are inviting a teacher?”

“Oh, okay, my dad has a truck so we can always drive over and pick you guys up if you can’t make it. And you are not a teacher yet which makes you cool.” At that point, I smelled his dad, he was coming down the hall and again I was distracted, this was going to have to stop. To be around mortals, I had to be focused or at least the part of me had to be, but Theodore Simmons is testing fate.

“Oh, Marcus, where is your lunch?” Theodore was trying to get Marcus to walk away from me.

“Oh I left it in my locker, Kat, I will be right back then we can go to lunch.” Chris and Marcus are the only ones who sit with me and they still think it is weird I don’t eat food, but they don’t say anything.

“Katyla, I would like to see you after to school to talk to you about your presentation today.”

“Fine, I will be there after the final bell rings.” With that I turned and walked away I haven’t hunted in the last couple of weeks and Theodore’s sweet smelling blood was way too tempting I would have to skip my next class and hunt. So I skipped out on lunch and my last two classes I told the principal I wasn’t feeling well. I hunted up north a bit, got me a nice polar bear who was a little more active than I thought it would be, and got myself a nice gash that is healing very quickly. But my shirt was ruined, so I went and changed into one of my gym shirts before heading to Theodore’s classroom. It was dark out now, we were in winter mode.

I walked in and found him, his blood all over. The smell hit me, I wanted the blood, but a large unknown force made me focus on him, not his blood. He was dying, and I knew the mark the killer had made on his hand, it was Argo’s assassin, Gavin. The mark was cut into his hand; it was two sickles shaped into a cross. I could do nothing about the mark but I would save his life, I could not turn him that would bring Marcus into the vampire world to soon. So I preformed the only spell I knew to heal the damage. “From the Heavens above, the Hells below, from the north to the south, from the east to the west, the sprits of the earth, air, water, and fire, and of my soul, I call upon these powers to heal the man before me, Theodore Simmons, so mote it be!” With those words I collapsed and my wound from the bear reopened, I would need more blood to heal, I left though the window. I ran as far as I could and happened upon some deer, after killing seven I was healing enough, after twelve I was healed. The only reason I don’t do that spell is the need for blood afterwards, one human would have done the trick, but I have sworn off human blood, totally since the fateful day my life was destroyed before my eyes. I could have healed without the blood but it would have taken a month or so, it would have been a mortal wound if I had been human.

I ran back to the class room just as Theodore was waking up. The scar on his hand there forever now. It is a mark of death in the vampire world, nobody had lived after Gavin gave them that mark, not before Theodore. Due to the loss of blood, he smelled different, which I did not like for some unknown reason, but it was allowing me to focus a bit more around him.

“What happened” Theodore was sitting up. “I was standing here waiting for you and this man came in and attacked me, did you see him leave? I could have sworn I was cut.”

“I didn’t see anybody, Mr. Simmons. When I got here you were laying on the floor, I was wondering about what to do when you started to wake up.” Lies but necessary I can’t bring Marcus in to this world yet. And Argos has found me, but why go after Theodore I do not spend time with him, nor do I a spend time with Marcus. “Did he say anything to you?” I asked helping him to his desk chair, then sitting down at the closest desk.

“Yeah, it was strange, he said ‘Tell her that we know where she is, we know what power she processes. Tell her she will not win, she shall never see her son again.’ It was strange but didn’t give a name, to tell.”

“Should I go to the office and call the cops?” I was worried. I was to receive that message. Why not turn him? Or at least drain him, why give him a message just to kill him?

“Yeah, I guess we should call the cops, we don’t want anybody getting hurt. Hmmm… funny he cut this symbol in my hand but it is healed up…” Theodore just let the sentence die, got out his cell phone and called the cops. I excused myself to use the rest room, or so I said.

Once I was outside I did a tracking spell and realized that Gavin was close by pissed that Theodore lived he wanted to kill another, I snuck up on him, and I discovered the reason they knew to attack this man. They turned a seer, once a seer in life, more powerful in death. He had seen my son and Theodore, and me; he had shown Argos my happiness. Argos gift was to be shown what others saw, if he had turned them. That is why he turned this seer. To know when the last days of his reign were coming to an end. He was sitting in the woods about two miles out of the school yards. I took my knife, and I cut his head off, his body turned to ash, Gavin normally was not stupid, but he was worried about Argos, he was becoming crazier and crazier, he was only on this mission to keep Argos from killing more vampires. Too bad he will never go back to Argos. I went back to the classroom; it only took me thirty minutes.

“Katyla, we were starting to worry, you were gone awhile.” Theodore said as I walked in, he was leaning against his desk his arms crossed.

“I wanted to pull myself together; there is some blood over there by the window. It upsets my stomach.” Not really but I wanted to drink his blood and it had a stronger pull over me than any other. I went and stood in the corner of the room.

“I understand. The officers were just asking if I could give a description, all I could remember was the red eyes, are you sure you didn’t see anybody leave Katyla?”

“A figure, he had a black coat on he wasn’t running or anything so I didn’t take notice.” No matter how good of look anybody got, they were never going to find him Gavin is dead, ash to ash dust to dust. I even took a hand full, and sent it to Argos, can’t wait to see his reaction to that.

“Sorry we couldn’t be more help officers, but we thought it should be reported.” Theodore’s thoughts were confused, as were the police officers, there was a lot of blood but no injuries they could see. “I wish I could explain the blood, but I don’t seem to be hurt, and I could have sworn he cut me.” Theodore was explaining, next time I will have to remember to leave a minor wound but I had no time to make a specific enough spell, he was almost dead.

“Officers, he left though the north exit.” That would lead the officers away from the woods were Gavin’s ashes were and away from the dorms, and towards town.

“Is there anything missing?” The first officer, is tag said P. Charles, was wondering if this was some type of joke now. Theodore looked around and noticed his wedding band was gone.

“Yes, my wedding band, I was wearing it, I guess he must have taken it.” Theodore was upset that is the only thing his late wife had given him, which he could hold on to forever. Then I knew the whole story, Theodore was upset it was missing not because he loved his wife, but because of guilt. It was his fault she was driving in that area that day. He had asked for a divorce. He knew she was seeing someone else, and did not think he could ignore it, even though he had fallen out of love. He never told Marcus that they were discussing a divorce. They had met the divorce attorney that day; they left with most of the stuff agreed upon. She went one way, towards her boyfriends place, and him another. Theodore got a call ten minutes later; a bus had run a red light killing Sarah, his wife, instantly. Theodore was feeling guilty because if he hadn’t asked for the divorce, then she would never have been near that intersection. Gavin must have sent it to Argos, because it was not on his person, and since I am assuming it was blessed by a priest of some sort like most bands are, it would not have turned to ash, when the vampire did, it was a holy object.

The police officers were making notes, and wondering why we were still in the school building after school hours most of the kids and staff take off to the study halls and dorms, he was wondering if there was something going on between us, but I was just standing very still in the corner of the room, and Theodore was leaning against the edge of his desk. He thought something was off but, he was telling himself he was just imaging things. The second officer spoke as they were leaving, his tag and said G. Harn. “Well, we will see what we can find, sir, miss.” With that they walked out the door.

“Well, that sure was interesting.” Theodore said sitting down and rubbing his hand across his face and in his hair. I went to stand in front of his desk. I was looking at the damage, a simple spell would make things right, I would do that tonight after Theodore left.

“Do you still want to talk about my report?”

“Might as well, after all tonight starts Christmas break.”

“What is wrong with it?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to speak to you again about some of your sources.”

“Okay, what about them.”

“How did you find all these sources for your Shakespeare presentations?”

“I own the books.” True, I even wrote some of them, even though I didn’t like Shakespeare, I needed to be able to make a living, though I have enough for a hundred lifetimes right now, but I am going to live a lot longer than that.

“I thought you didn’t like Shakespeare?” Theodore was sure something was off with me, I didn’t act like a young adult, and didn’t look like one, he was thinking I have old eyes, wouldn’t it be a shock to find out he was right. Not that he saw my real eyes, but an illusion, so they looked as brown as they were when I was human.

“I don’t but schools teach Shakespeare, I have a family member who was a big fan. And I minored in English; it is kind of hard to avoid Shakespeare.” The lies were going to wrap around me soon, nobody ever questioned me before Theodore. Don’t get me wrong I can remember everything told to me and everything I say, but I just don’t like lying though it has been part of my life for almost six thousand years.

“Alright, I am going to clean up here, you can leave for your dorm.” Theodore was standing up going to his closet.

“I will help, since I have no homework in any of my classes, and only a handful of papers to grade.” I turned to start a simple spell.

“That is not necessary; you have been though a lot today.” Theodore was right behind me.

“No it is fine, I like to stay busy.”

“Why Alaska, why stay here?”

“I have an allergy that most people don’t know about, it is to the sun, it is very rare but real, here I can stay out during the day and not worry about sunburn.” I couldn’t tell him the honest answer, which was I was a vampire and I didn’t want to bring Marcus in to my world until he was older.

“Oh, how many more classes at the college do you have left?” Theodore, was not moving he stayed right behind me while I stood there answering his questions.

“I…” I couldn’t think straight for the first time since the change. “I will graduate in the spring with a B.S, just next semester’s two classes and my student teaching hours.”

“So you are going to be a history teacher?”

“Yes, or biology, the school here wants to hire me, but not sure what class to hire me for, they have a few other applicants, since the head of history and head of biology are leaving, leaving an entry level position open in both.” It doesn’t help that all of a sudden both ‘won’ some money to retire, and Marcus was going to be a junior next year.

“So you plan on staying here then?” He was not moving, even to clean up, and my spell died on my lips.

“Yes, I have realtor looking at houses for me, I plan on making my life here.” At least for the next few years, before the fact I don’t age starts becoming an issue.

“That is nice, the houses over by mine are easily affordable on a teacher’s salary and there a few of them for sale.” I knew that but I wasn’t going to tell him, and I stopped trying to get around whatever was blocking his thoughts.

“I will have to check those out, do you have paper towels?” I asked bringing us back to the situation at hand.

“No I have some napkins and shop towels, I will go get some from the janitor.” He was shocked to see how close he came to me, and how we just stood there talking.

“Okay I will start while you go and get the other towels, this may be enough but don’t want to risk it.”

“I will be right back.” With that Theodore left the room, and I breathed out and in, did the spell, make sure the paper towels and stuff we had were used, so by the time he came back the cleaning was done, and I was gone. I left a note on his board:

~Theodore, I have cleaned up, didn’t take too long. Tell Marcus I will try to make it for Christmas. ~Kat

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Chapter Two: Theodore

Chapter Two: Theodore

Marcus and Christopher did not think of much just the normal teenage boy things, and that was some boring things, so I just sat in my seat in the back turning around my own thoughts on how to bring myself into their lives. The bell rang and off to lunch we went.  I went and grabbed my drink from my locker and went and sat at my table before most people left the class room, I don’t sit with the staff,  they don’t feel comfortable, so I agreed to sit down watching the students.  They didn’t see me they didn’t care.  Nobody sits next to me, I am the strange one.  I check people’s thoughts to make sure they are not thinking that I am anything but human; they always wonder why I don’t eat.  My drink is a synthetic blood I created for when I am around people.  Mostly it helps me deal with the sun, but real blood is needed or I become a slave to my hungers, and I can't afford to fail in my choice.  I can eat but choose not to have the pain of my body rejecting the food. I will eat when I must, but my body rejects the food, and I am weakened and in pain for about twenty four hours afterward, normally I tell people something didn't sit right with me.  I hunt animals in the area mostly.  I was watching for them when they came in, the each grabbed what they wanted and looked around for a place to sit.  Theodore walking in distracted me for a moment and when I focused myself I noticed Marcus and Christopher walking toward my table. 
          “May we sit with you?” Marcus asked, standing behind a chair at my table.
          “Of course, please have a seat.”  I told them waving my wand in front of the chairs and they sat down.
          “Don’t you eat anything?”  Christopher was asking.
          “Tomato soup, I like to drink it out of my thermos.  I am Kat by the way.”  Of course most days the thermos is just a prop, I use it only on sunny days.  I really only drink the synthetic blood once a week, it really doesn’t have an effect on my cravings.
          “I am Marcus and this is Chris.”  Marcus said.  “Where are you from?”
          “Many places, I am a military brat.” Not true but it would explain why I was in a boarding school when I was younger with no parents, so I use it as my back story, then and now.  “When my mother passed away my father sent me here for boarding school here.  I am now a student teacher.  I never thought I would like it in Alaska but it grows one you.”  I put my plan in action trying to bond with Marcus, it is true my mother dead but that was almost six thousand years ago, she died when I was a child, during childbirth with my youngest sibling who also passed away.  “Where are you from?”
          “I am from here, born and raised.” Chris stated. “My parents just like the school here.”
          “I am from New York City; my dad took the English job here when my mother passed away during the summer.”
          “I am sorry to hear that, it is hard to lose ones mother.”
          “What class do you want to teach?” Chris asked changing the subject.  But before I could answer Theodore came over to our table.  He distracts me and that is bad.  And his blood is so tempting it is all I can do not to breathe while he is around.
          “How is everything going over here?”
          “Great, dad” Marcus said looking embarrassed.  I could read Theodore’s thoughts, and he had heard about me in the staff lunch room how I was a little off, how on the sunny weekends I always stayed in, how I was a student teacher who always looked a little to bored, how I was friends with none of the staff.  He kind of wanted Marcus to stay away from me, Chris knew of me, but he never really thought about sitting at the table until Marcus suggested it. 
          “I was just getting up to leave.”  I finished my drink, and got up. “Maybe I will see you guys later.”  With that I left, I stood outside the lunch room, listening to their conversation.
          “Marcus, I hear she is strange didn’t Chris tell you that as well.”
          “I did Mr. S.” Chris said.
          “I don’t care she seems cool, she would make a good friend, and you told me to make my own judgments and not follow a crowd.”  Marcus was really angry at his dad, he thinks there is something about me that is familiar, family like, and he just can’t make the connection.
          “Mr. S, she really doesn’t do much but go to, watch over, and teach some of the classes then goes and watches over the study hall, and then she retreats to her dorm room, where she keeps an eye on the freshman.  She is a little strange, and she only gives vague info about her family.”
          “Well you two better go off to your next class.”  With that Theodore left and walked back to the teacher’s lounge.  With that I left to go to my locker and my next class.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Chapter One: Two Thousand Plus Years Later

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Chapter One: Two Thousand Plus Years Later

I watch from afar, I see him now, though I could smell him long before he walked up to those steps. Funny how I can now walk in the day time as long as there is no direct sun, Alaska has been such a great place for me over the centuries, though Scotland, especially Ben Nevis, has been a close second. I now live on Saint Bridget Island in Alaska, and have off and on since a fateful day over two thousand years ago. At first I thought I would never see the sun again, but I found I only burned that first day because my body was still changing, though direct sunlight will burn me, being out under the clouds are fine, but my powers are cut in half. But even so they are still over a hundred times greater than humans.

I watch him and I remember how much has changed in the last almost six thousand years. My son was killed by Argos when he was determined to rule the humans with an iron hand, not caring for humanity his eyes glowing red with evil, Marcus and I had fought against him but he created others with his views, he had killed my son. I had wanted to die but he allowed me to live, though I did try to destroy myself, I did not succeed. I cursed him. I had cursed Argos with the fact my son shall be reborn and once he was of age he would remember his life all of his past and his present and Marcus and his army would destroy Argos and his followers. Argos never comes out in the day, the very thought of the sun has him running for his coffin. For some reason him and his men still burn even if it is a glorious cloudy day, I still do not know why. Due to this reason, he never got a chance to rule the humans instead he stays out of sight trying to rule all vampires, it is as messed up as the US politics.

I am pretending to be a student teacher again; thankfully there is now a new boarding school here on Saint Bridget. The younger I am when I move back the longer I can stay, I usually stay about ten to fifteen years if I start out as a freshman which I did eight years ago. And the new transfer student that just walked up those steps smells just like my son did; even from here I could see his dark black hair, and his icy blue eyes. Then there was his friend, Christopher, who looked more like Chris Brown then a typical Alaska raised child. Marcus's father who shared the icy blue eyes and ink black hair, I have never smelled as sweet as smell as the one from him, the father that is. I knew from his thoughts his name was Theodore, and from his thoughts he was just a teen himself when Marcus was born, but now seeing his son go to the same school he did, he was glad him and his wife had kept Marcus even though times were bad, being 17 and a new father. Thankfully it did not take much to make sure Marcus was in many as the same classes I was sitting in on as possible, and got the study hall and dining hall hours I was assigned to watch over. There was nothing I could do about the dorms, I am a female after all and the dorms are still guys and girls.

I heard the bell ring but I did not move, I waited until just a second before the tardy bell rang then appeared at my desk in the back, people avoid me, which was good, though I don't hunt humans, their blood, still is a weakness, one I control with an iron grip, though I have slipped up a few times, but not in the last two thousand years, would not allow myself to like I did before, I would not allow my son's death to be in vain.

The teacher walked in, and started taking role. After that he started talking about Shakespeare, I hate English class, but with a minor in English they want me to sit in, they talk about the classics, but I met Shakespeare and he was just an annoyance, his stories the same over and over, they were going to have to read Macbeth. The teacher, Mr. Theodore Simmons, was new this year and Marcus's dad in this life. He was newly widowed and had to get away from New York City, Marcus wasn't really happy about Alaska but it was better then being presented with the death his biological mother in this life. I just have claim to him though his soul due to the reincarnation.

Mr. Simmons stopped at my desk and looked at me, then handed me my book. He looked at me for a moment most likely because I tensed up, his blood so sweet from afar was even better up close, and for a split second all I could think of was how to get him away from the children, so I could have his blood. A million different scenarios came to mind. I was so focused on his blood I did not notice he went back up to the front and asked if any of the students had read any of Shakespeare's plays before, Marcus and Christopher raised their hands, no surprise their English teacher dads and all, I learned that Christopher's dad was the senior level English teacher. Mr. Simmons was surprised. I was reading his thoughts though they were not completely clear, something was blocking them but I was working my way around them. Mostly so I could choose which way to lure him to his death. When I try to get into people's thoughts it always reminds me of the danger of other vampires, most of us have some type of special gift, we all have speed, strength and trawl, I am able to read ones past and ones thoughts, when I rest, I get visions, that is how I knew to be here at this time, and I sit here now hoping that the visions I get will help me protect Marcus in this life.

"Which of his plays have you read, Katyla?" Mr. Simmons asked. His voice, saying my name brought me out of my thoughts, the thoughts of draining him, and muted all the voices around me; it was like his voice was the only thing in the whole world that should mean anything. The sensations that his voice brought forth in me were foreign to me. The vampire in me wanted his sweet blood, but the woman, well I can't explain it; I wanted him for myself. Forever.

"Call me Kat, and I have read all of his works" and I had, I had even seen Shakespeare himself play Juliet, I even own some manuscripts of his that had never been published, people know almost nothing of his early work. My voice sounded off, I had to focus on my words.

"What do you think of them?"

"A little to cut and dried for my liking the times he writes about were not exactly like that, take Romeo and Juliet for example, Romeo would have been killed on sight for trying to defile Juliet, Juliet would have been married off to further an ally with one of the neighboring lands."

"And how do you know what would have happened?"

"History is my subject, I study the past and there is not a lot I don't know about it, I was a History Biology major English Art minor." Which was not 100% true; I had graduated about 60 years ago with a Ph. D in History from the local university, of course I lived though all the things they talk about happening in history. I also have medical degrees, English degrees, all sorts, of degrees, there is not much I don't know, I also speak almost every language ever spoken, there is a couple ancient Native American languages I don't know, mostly because they were wiped out before I came to the 'New World'.

"Okay, how about Macbeth, what do you think about it?"

"Well it is historically accurate after all Macbeth would have killed his predecessor and he would have been killed as well."

"None of you have read Shakespeare; does anyone know anything about his plays, besides Marcus and Christopher?" Nobody raised their hands. After an hour and half of this awful class the bell rang. "Katyla, would you please stay a minute." Mr. Simmons asked after I walked by his desk. I stopped and turned around, and waited for him to speak.

"Do you want to lead class discussion once a week for the semester?"

"I can do that, what would you like it to be on? Would you like it on Shakespeare himself or the play?"

"Shakespeare; how long until you graduate?"

"I am a senior, next semester."

"What other classes are you sitting in on? I know you only sit in on my first class of each day."

"I sit in on, Biology, Chemistry, History, Political Science, Ceramics and English."

"Okay, you better get to your next class" he turned around to get something but I had already left, and was in the next class by the time he turned back around. I had to leave, or I would have done something I would regret, I am just not one hundred percent what that would have been.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020



"Katyla, we must be getting close. John's son, Peruses, did very well with the last treatment." Agros tried to get my hope back up, "I know you are blaming yourself for the illness."

I know nothing but this disease is killing the people in our world, but I don't tell Argos that. I do not respond I just stare at our lab table, staring at formula for the most recent failed cure. Agros looks up to me, I know he must be seeing the worry in my brown eyes, he could also see how mad at myself, there was flecks of gold and red in my eyes, that give me away he says they make me rare and unique, paired with my long, dark brown hair which also had red in it, and my snow white skin and blood red lips, he has always told me I was the most beautiful woman, but I was just as smart, if not smarter then I was beautiful. My husband, Triremes, was lucky. But then again I never loved him he was a marriage of convenience and I got to work with Argos, be his best friend, so I was lucky as well, sometimes I was glad that Argos never saw me as more then a scientist. "Maybe if we try nocturnal animals, like the bat and owl." Argos was saying to me.

I looked up at my partner, Agros, who was staring back with his royal blue eyes, his hair as black as his pupils in his eyes. "It won't hurt to try, Agros, after all, the vampire bat has a numbing agent in its venom."

"Well I guess we should set some traps." Agros stands and goes to the closet in the room, opens and pulls out some cages. "I will get your husband to help; we will have them up by night fall."

"Good, I am going to run some more samples. There must be a reason you and I have not gotten ill." I knew the truth, both Agros and I were infected, but we were not ill. Yet.

We all knew why I was studying the samples, almost everybody in world was infected, but people were getting sick at different rates, and dying. No matter what the people were dying. I know there were other scientists studying the disease, but they know if we did not find it, there was almost no hope for the cure to be found. Agros and I studied together, trying to learn as much about science and life as possible, we have been partners for the last ten years. As I used the microscope and reread the ingredients in the last attempt, Argos walked out with the traps to wait for the bats, and hopefully my husband would be able to get an owl.

As soon as Agros walked out of the room I got up, I received a package the other day from an unknown source claiming the ingredient inside was from a fruit bat, and that had some effect on the illness killing everybody. There were was also a few blood samples from a tribe that appears to be immune to the illness but they won't talk to the outsiders or allow anybody in to get more information about them. I didn't tell Agros this, but I already have the venom from the vampire bat and I have mixed it with some blood from the immune tribe, as well as some of the other ingredients that we have been using. I was going to test this one on myself. I wasn't going to allow another to die because of my stupidity, because I was not good enough to save them. I was their leader, it was my duty, nobody's but mine, and I had to save them. I filled the syringe of the product and injected into the vein in my left arm. At first nothing happened, then I felt a burning, it was running in my veins, it was going to destroy my life. I started running; I left the building and was running through the woods, to an isolated place I knew nobody would find. I collapsed, thirty minutes later I hit the right spot and died. With the last beat of my heart, I said "Marcus..."

I woke up, I had felt my heart stop, and I knew it stopped. I died but here I was awake, with a thirst burning in me. I got up to walk outside, I was in my private house built here, and I just made it before I died. I did not want to be found. I got to the door, wishing I had put a window in the building. I opened the door, and started to burn, I quickly shut the door, and looked at my hand were the light had touched me. It was healing. But it was painful. What had I become? I heard things and smelled things I never could before. And I knew I had no pulse, no heartbeat. I was the living dead. VAMPIRE! I had heard the myths; I did not put faith in them. I put faith in what I could see what I could touch, after all I was a scientist. And now I could see those myths are true. I knew I could give the cure. But it would mean people would become the undead. If the myths are true then I was now pure evil. But I didn't feel any different. I would go to Agros. He would know what to do. I would wait for night fall.

Agros was sitting with the fruit bat, he killed it and now was trying to dissect it but I always did that, with perfection, which could be an art. He was sitting at the table lost in his thoughts when the door open and I walked in, and attacked him. I lost all thoughts of asking when I saw Agros, I could only smell his blood, and I jumped and bit him. I stopped me self and screamed "stay away from me."

But Agros was on the ground, felling the same burn I felt, I knew because I could feel it as well. I looked down at myself and could see where the scalpel entered my chest; my blood had dripped into his body. I killed my best friend. I pulled the scalpel from my chest, and I grabbed him and ran him to the house I stayed at, after I put him on the bed, I ran back to our lab, a twenty minute hike now taking just seconds. I took everything the books the supplies, and then burned the building down. They won't be able to tell that Argos and I were not in there. I just killed us from this life. I went to my house where my husband and child slept. I knew not to breath, but I bent down and kissed my husband good bye, and took my child. I was not going to leave without Marcus. I did not love my husband in the way a wife should, but I wasn't going to condemn him to die either. Carefully as to not wake my son I ran back to the house. Where I would come up with a plan to not live like the monster I was. At the age of seventeen my life ended and my death began.


Copyright 2006 Katherine Rochholz
Waterloo, IA
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This is for my great grandmother:

Bridget Agnes Campbell

Monday, February 24, 2020

An Unholy Creation Novel

An Unholy Creation
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This page will be dedicated to posting of the chapters of the novel An Unholy Creation.

No posting schedule, as always check the primary website for weekly updates!

She never imagined working for a cure would only bring Death... Immortality... And War. 

Katyla only wanted to find a cure for what was killing her people, it was her duty as the daughter of the Elder of the village. She with her best friend Argos worked night and day... What she didn't expect was creating something unholy... She didn't count on making a myth a reality... Didn't count on bringing only Death... Immortality... And War.